On my desktop I use kwallet as a password store for the Chromium web browser.

When I changed the master password for my current wallet few days ago I ran into a problem…

While the new password was accepted for all other apps requesting login credentials from the wallet I needed to enter the old password when starting Chromium.

In order to use kwallet for Chromium you need to start it like this:

chromium --password-store=kwallet

The problem is that with this command Chromium still uses the old wallet from KDE 4.

In order to use the new wallet from Plasma you need to start it with:

chromium --password-store=kwallet5

kwallet5 instead of kwallet …

Where are my wallets stored?

You can find your old wallets in „~/.kde4/share/apps/kwallet“. The new wallets are stored in ~/.local/share/kwalletd/.

In theory you can copy your old wallets from the old path to the new but in my case I couldn’t open them. The password which could open it for Chromium didn’t work :/

If I find a solution how to open my old wallets from KDE I will post it here :)